Blessings upon you, Carina Bissett!

The Nearby Universe wishes a fond farewell and extends our warm congratulations to longstanding Nearby Universe member Carina Bissett, who will be moving on from PPCC this fall. Carina was an influential member of the group from the beginning, almost five years ago. She brought years of experience in publishing, writing, editing, and working with other writers to the group. She taught us new ways to do in-person workshops, how to do Zoom write-ins, and how to do web editing. She served as web editor of this website since its launch in 2020 and poured countless hours into making it dynamic and beautiful.

We would like to thank Carina especially for her friendship, support, and rich, and detailed feedback on our creative writing over the years. She was always encouraging and always the first to congratulate and support others’ accomplishments in the world of books.

Carina’s most recent accomplishments include the forthcoming publication of her poems “A Lacing of Lavender” in HWA Poetry Showcase, Vol. IX (11/22), edited by Angela Yuriko Smith and “The End of Days” in A Woman Unbecoming, a charity anthology edited by Rachel A. Brune and and Carol Gyzander. Her essay “Into the Dark Woods: Fairy Tale Poetry” is upcoming release Writing Poetry in the Dark (10/22), edited by Stephanie M. Wytovich, and her third translated story, “Serpents and Toads” will be appearing in the premier Japanese publication Night Land Quarterly Vol. 30.  In other news, her story “Water Like Broken Glass” received a shout-out in the Publishers Weekly review of the anthology Into the Forest (11/22), edited by Lindy Ryan at Black Spot Books.

“Water Like Broken Glass” by Carina Bissett delivers a wonderfully queer update to the tale against the backdrop of WWII. Fans of folklore retellings will find plenty to enjoy.

Publishers Weekly

At the 31st Colorado Book Awards, Carina took home the gold in the anthology category for Shadow Atlas: Dark Landscapes of the Americas, published by Hex Publishers. Her co-editors for the project were Hillary Dodge and Joshua Viola, and the book was illustrated by Aaron Lovett. As part of her work, she’s been added as a speaker at the Colorado Center for the Book (CCftB) and is available to speak as a part of outreach by Colorado Humanities to statewide host sites, such as libraries and schools. She is currently at work as an assistant editor for the upcoming publication of Dreams for a Broken World, edited by Julie C. Day and Ellen Meeropol (guest editor). This anthology includes both literary and speculative fiction stories, and it is scheduled for release in November. All proceeds benefit the Rosenberg Fund for Children. According to the book review by Arley Sorg at Lightspeed Magazine, “This anthology offers seriously admirable work. Highly recommend.”

Carina continues to work on more amazing projects than we can keep track of, including her novel and poetry collection, and she continues to teach online generative writing workshops at The Storied Imaginarium, which now has participants from destinations worldwide. The next session begins in September.

While our friendship will continue, Carina will be deeply missed in the Nearby Universe. There is a trust, a vulnerability, a bond between writers that is unlike any other. Carina shared so many stories with us, so many poems, and we shared so many with her. Thank you, Carina, for all you have given to the group. May the road rise up to meet you, and may the wind be always at your back!

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  1. Thank you, Carina, for your advice and inspiration, and for sharing your expertise in many ways. It was always a pleasure reading you work.

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