BEST OF Story Shout-outs — Carina Bissett

It’s the time of year when the BEST OF anthologies start to roll out, and writers everywhere eagerly look forward to discovering if their stories caught the attention of the readers compiling these collections. Ellen Datlow has been editing anthologies for the last four decades, and is one of the most influential editors working in the horror genre today. On November 16, Datlow releases her thirteenth foray in producing The Best Horror of the Year.

Carina Bissett is thrilled to announce that TWO of her stories from 2020 were mentioned in the introduction. There is a shout-out to her Snow White fairy tale retelling “Rotten” that was published in Arterial Bloom, edited by Mercedes Murdock Yardley (Crystal Lake Publishing, March 2020).

Her story “An Embrace of Poisonous Intent” also received a nod. This piece was originally published in the limited edition collection Bitter Distillations: An Anthology of Poisonous Tales (Egaeus Press, December 2020). This story was also translated in Japanese and published in Night Land Quarterly Vol. 25 (June 2021).

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