Casting Off from the Rail: Only Flying

Brook Bhagat decided to become a writer when she was seven years old; forty years later, that dream has taken flight. Only Flying, the first full-length poetry collection from the founder of the Nearby Universe, was released by Unsolicited Press Tuesday, November 16 and is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever else books are sold.

In a recent interview about the book, Bhagat offers thanks to her trampoline, coffee, her grandmother, her beloved, and her friends in the Nearby Universe. She pictures her book as the peahen from a poem within it, casting off from the railing of a fire escape and jumping into the wind, fire eyes skyward.

Book launch events include a Zoom reading Wed., Nov. 17 and in-person readings on Nov. 26 (Black Friday) and Friday. Dec. 3. Learn more about book launch events for Only Flying and watch the trailer, featuring a review from Nearby Universe member Carina Bissett, at

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